My Fema (grandmother) who taught me to take pleasure in the little things, the important things in life and who my most cherished childhood memories are with. She will forever remain in my heart and in my thoughts.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going To The Ladies Room...An Olympic Event

I can't really complain about my job (although I do...frequently).  I love what I do, I have great hours and work for an awesome company doing awesome stuff no this is not a paid advertisement.  With that being said, they have completely lost their minds.  Part of our building is under construction.  THE PART WITH THE LADIES ROOM!!!  So I have to go OUTSIDE down the sidewalk to the stop sign around the STREET corner down the sidewalk and into another building to pee!  Here's a bit of nice information:  Do you know it was raining yesterday?  Did you know it was windy as hell?  Did you know I already occupy a building with NO heat that is older than the Roosevelt Administration and when I use my plug in heater it shorts the breakers leaving me in the dark!  No I bet you didn't.  Are you ready for is 240 STEPS to the ladies room..oh yes...I counted; yes I realize I am only 4'9" hence the title of the blog, clever, yes?  and one of oh, everyone else's steps is like 3 of mine but the point is still very valid.  Does this not sound like employee abuse (is there such a thing)?  What if I get hit by a car going to the ladies room?  What if I get struck by lightning?  What if I get kidnapped?  Then they'll be sorry.  They'll be like:

Them:  Hey, Erin did you get a response on the hotel bid?
Me:  No response (because I was hit by lightning on the way to the ladies room)
Them:  Did you get the E-mail, we need the bid ASAP!
Me:  No response (because I was hit by lightning then ran over by a car on the way to the ladies room)
Them:  Ring, ring...voicemail: Hey Erin we sent you an e-mail we didn't hear back and want to remind you   
           we need that hotel bid today, give me a call.  Thanks.
Me:  Only crickets heard (because I was hit by lightning, ran over by a car and my almost lifeless body was
        kidnapped and is now dead laying in a ditch so I guess the answer you need about the hotel bid is just
        going to have to wait.)

Things to do:  1.  Research if there is such a thing as employee abuse
                     2.  Report my own murder case before the next ladies room trip (nature/vehicular/serial killer  

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