My Fema (grandmother) who taught me to take pleasure in the little things, the important things in life and who my most cherished childhood memories are with. She will forever remain in my heart and in my thoughts.

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Oh, honey, no!" Moments

3 things that were "Oh, honey, no!"  moments on the way to work today.

1.  Girl walking to high school, well, more like waddling and nearly falling half a dozen times, in 3" stiletto heels.  "Oh, honey, no! Stay out of your mommy's closet and give the grown ups their shoes back."

2.  Lady behind me at the stop light putting on eye liner.  "Oh, honey no!  Not behind me you don't.  Really, it's not going to help what you got going on there anyway."

3.  About 15 people total on each of the 4 corners of two intersections with tall yellow placards letting the rest of us know just how much we are going to hell...there's more, the signs were two sided so you can be told twice as much how much you NEED Jesus...there's more, they forcibly giving out pamphlets to passerbys who had no intention of taking them...just one more, one sign said something about sinners but the word sinners stopped at the end of the placard with the rest of the word ners vertically under the first n.  Really?  They were professionally made too.  "Oh, honeys no!  You know you can pay homeless people $10 to twirl your signs for you (it's a good deed, yes?  Employing the homeless and all), also if I would get a refund on the jacked up sign and oh, by the way why do you have teenagers out there on a school day?  Can you say truancy?"

So, how was your day?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Temporarily incapacitated or lazy!

Where have I been?  Isn't the question, where have YOU been?  No?  Ok then.

I have been on a great number of escapades since we last spoke; wonderful places like here and there, this place and that place.  Doing wonderful things like this, that and the other thing.   I know, I know.  The sheer excitement of my happenings is to much for you to bare.  I did have a small vacation though.  I went to one of the most wonderful places in the America's, Nay the Solar System...Canada (Oh Canada!  Can I tell you I love, love, love, love Canada.  They have some of the nicest people ever.  Like stab yourself in the eye nice.  Really, nice people.  Canada is clean, not like lightly dusting around the edges clean, more like OCD; scrub the paint off the wall clean.  Canada has a great lack of bugs which I enjoyed tremendously.  I wonder if the shortage of bugs had to do with the freezing temperatures?  Of course by freezing I mean, sunny weather in the 40's...which IS freezing.

Needless to say we had a wonderful time and saw some wonderful sites.  A few bits...

Our suite view in Victoria B.C.
Our suite view in Victoria B.C.



The Legislative Assembly of B.C.

Inside the Legislative Assembly of B.C.

Stain Glass window in the Legislative Assembly
Butchart Gardens Victoria B.C.


Butchart Gardens

Craigdarroch Castle,Victoria B.C.

Craigdarroch Castle
Thus a peek into my Canada. 

**Note to self: Convince U.S. to use the Canadian Dollar.....because it's prettier.