My Fema (grandmother) who taught me to take pleasure in the little things, the important things in life and who my most cherished childhood memories are with. She will forever remain in my heart and in my thoughts.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Reason I have been too buzy (lazy) to post.

Excuse Reason 

Visit to the Nation's Capitol (pretty good reason, if I ever heard one).

Is it wrong that I was jumping up and down yelling yippee, waiting for the subway?

The view from my room, if you twist to the left...looking backwards...on a clear day.
I just love Georgetown.  Everyone in business attire, shinny shoes and the air of contempt around them.
Potomac River from Key Bridge.  A lot of people have an evening jog across it.  I only crossed it on my way to get champagne, yummy G-Town food or...
oh, so yummy cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, or...

to get some of the best coffee (sorry was only one time...I swear) or...

a nice walk through Francis Scott Key Park (not pictured is the homeless man who proceeded to walk to a bench, pull down his pants and sit down.  You are welcome!), or...