My Fema (grandmother) who taught me to take pleasure in the little things, the important things in life and who my most cherished childhood memories are with. She will forever remain in my heart and in my thoughts.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No Kids = Lazy

Having young kids, from time to time, you tend to wish for a “grownups” only day.  You know the kind of day, yes; sleep in late, eat at some trendy gown up place that doesn’t have a kids menu, spend quality grown up time with your spouse, maybe hit a club and make a night of it.  So with this all in mind, let me awe you with our wild and crazy adult weekend.

First was our afternoon out at a pub

Not pictured here: sausage roll and chips...ok, maybe it was kid friendly, we have to ease into this crazy adult only stuff (strike 1).

Then a little of this at the Long Beach Convention Center

Yeah, I don't care.

...because for the 405, you need this

apparently rush hour traffic demands....a the trunk, really??  Which I'm sure the kids would have loved to see (strike 2).

...but dinner, now dinner will be all posh and grown up-y!  Dinner home once we tore ourselves from the TV - shameful (Strike 3).

Then there was the idea to go find a little cute cafe for dessert which was followed by several minutes of:

her - "we can go if you want to"
me - "well, do you wat to" 
her - "only if you want to"
me - "ok, well I'm changing into my pajamas (this was before 9pm, I know...I know) if we aren't going" 
her - "well, I'm getting my socks on"
me - "ok lets go...I supose"
her - "ok...if you want to"

(is there such a thing as strike 4?)


 So we decided on:
Nice eatery at the Shoreline Village in Long Beach (now we're talking)

great nautical ambiance (that's more like it)

A rather nice view

Blah dessert and an annoying 10 top at the table next to us, at least the baby behind us was cute, so there's that.

w/luv E-