My Fema (grandmother) who taught me to take pleasure in the little things, the important things in life and who my most cherished childhood memories are with. She will forever remain in my heart and in my thoughts.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Refusing to admit it is graduation time...or, building a time machine.

I am in denial.  I am aware of this and I plan on taking up residency here.  I have two graduations coming up in the next two weeks.  It seems my pre-schooler is graduating and will be attending elementary school in September (am not happy).  I am also being told that my 12 year old daughter who was the cutest baby and she was just so little for so long...and I just had her yesterday...and who authorized her to grow so big and get all attitude-y and independent, and all "I'm a teenager now, I know everything" I was saying, I am also being told that my 12 year old daughter is graduating (really a promotion, but it hurts the same) from 6TH grade and will be in Jr. High in September (September is my least favorite month now).

I assure you, my denial has nothing to do with my own age.  I don't mind being...oh, nice try!  I just don't think it's fair.  True, we all grew up; true, we should expect the same of our kids, however I have a really good rebuttle.  It goes a little something like this...Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!! 

You may say, "You're being a baby, graduating High school will be worse!"  To you people I say pfft!!!  You see, for my eldest I have two years to perfect the time machine.  You scoff, but let's just see who is asking who to borrow who's time machine when their kids stop saying mommy and start rolling their eyes.

Things to do:  Find out where they sell plutomium and flux capacitors.  Also does anyone have Christopher Lloyd's number?

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